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June 30, 2022

ITV #71: How to Manifest Million Dollar Money Moves with B. Simone

ITV #71: How to Manifest Million Dollar Money Moves with B. Simone
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You’ve heard the word manifestation being thrown around lately but what does that even mean? 

More importantly, how are you supposed to make it happen? 

First off - manifestation is not some magical concept or idea. You might be manifesting right now but haven’t trained your mind to attract the positive abundance you are looking for. 

It’s time to realize the power you hold and leverage that towards your success.

In this episode Ash Cash and B. Simone discuss:

1. How to use the law of attraction to generate success

2. The importance of not allowing the “how” hold you back from achieving your goals

3. How to make the decision to level up

4. Why limiting your time on social media can help you grow your social media presence

5. How being selfish can allow you to be more selfless

Memorable Quotes:

“You’re going to be tired regardless, so you might as well be tired loving what you do. 

You’re going to be drained regardless so you might as well be drained loving what you do. 

You’re going to have bad days and bad moments regardless so you might as well love what you do to fight through that.” 

“The biggest thing I got [from a business perspective] was taking my talent and my brand off instagram and being with the people and physically being in their presence.”

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