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Sept. 7, 2022

ITV #81: How to Take Control of Your Health and Create an Abundance of Wealth

ITV #81: How to Take Control of Your Health and Create an Abundance of Wealth
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When it comes to creating financial abundance there is nothing more important than maintaining a healthy lifestyle and nutrient dense diet. At the end of the day - what good is the money if you’re not healthy enough to enjoy it?

Ash Cash and T-Walk da Hawk are here to help you find out which steps you need to take to heal your body from the inside out, what foods should you eat, what foods should you avoid, is vaping better than smoking cigarettes and so many other life changing topics.

In this episode Ash Cash and Twalk da Hawk discuss:

1. Ways your credit score and health are related

2. How to naturally boost your health

3. Everyday actions that are harmful to your health

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