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Feb. 10, 2023

ITV #103: Cryptocurrency Will Close the Wealth Gap Around the World w/ Derek Ferguson

ITV #103: Cryptocurrency Will Close the Wealth Gap Around the World w/ Derek Ferguson
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It’s no secret that African-Americans have been historically left out of the financial system. But with the rise of cryptocurrency, this could all be changing. Cryptocurrency has the potential to bridge the wealth gap, offering African-Americans access to investment opportunities that were previously out of reach. Not only could this provide financial freedom, but it could also be a powerful tool for creating a more equal distribution of wealth. ⠀


Listen in as Derek Ferguson, Chairman of Vibranium Central Foundation, discuss the launching of the Vibranium network to help close the wealth gap


The Vibranium network is a closed-loop economy connecting the U.S. and Africa, which is powered by blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.


Its three key pillars are - VFluence, an influencer monetization system; VCommerce, a global marketplace of goods and services and VCapital, a loan and grant system supporting entrepreneurs and communities.


Join the Network to learn more: https://www.vibranium.network/join


Follow our guest: https://www.instagram.com/vibraniumgold/ (https://instagram.com/rickthewealthco...)


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