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April 30, 2021

ITV 13: How Rushion McDonald Became the Mega-Star that Builds Mega-Stars

ITV 13: How Rushion McDonald Became the Mega-Star that Builds Mega-Stars
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Rushion McDonald is a real-life renaissance man who can work a boardroom, studio, and a kitchen to name a few. He is a two-time Emmy Award-winning Executive Producer, three-time NAACP Image Award Winner, host of Money Making Conversations radio show, creator of Baker Spotlight recipe library, Ambassador for Perfect Bake Scale and the owner of 3815 Media production company. 


After attending college for mathematics and working 9-5 jobs, Rushion realized that part of his journey wasn’t final. Soon after becoming a comedian, Rushion established a business relationship with Steve Harvey and together they closed many multi-million dollar deals and set his career on fire. Later this relationship would have him at a crossroad deciding on the next direction to take in his career.


On Episode #13 of ITV, Rushion McDonald will give you the formula to betting on yourself and help you understand the process to success and how to process success. 


To Check out Money Making Conversation w/ Rushion: 



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