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March 19, 2021

ITV 7: How CEO Matty J turns Liabilities into Assets

ITV 7: How CEO Matty J turns Liabilities into Assets
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Matty J Ade aka CEO Matty J is the #1 Car Rental Brand Owner & Digital Real Estate Investor in the country. He designs, consults, buys, sells, fixes, and flips online businesses


If there’s one word to describe Matty J it would be Brand Genius! Matty J is a young business mentor and coach, a business architect, marketer, and manager. 


In Episode #7 of ITV, Matty J gives us the blueprint on how to turn what's usually known as a liability into an asset that can help you live your best life and build wealth. He’s spitting gold bars on how he flipped his car rental brand, invests in digital real estate and produces a "business in a box” for other businesses.


If you are interested in learning more about how to build a car rental brand hit the link below. Use code: Vault for 10% off




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