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Powerful podcast!

Highly recommend this podcast for the gems and useful business & finance insights!

Juice Cannon

Highly recommended Great Show Great Host Great Guest appearances from entrepreneurs sharing stories of their come ups of being wealthy

Kill the Background Music PLEASE!

The music. The music. The freaking music. Can we have an option to listen without? Do y’all read the comments? We hate it!


Love the content but hate the background music. Makes it hard for me to focus with a beat and vocals.

Love this podcast!

I love all the knowledge and information this podcast brings! I can do without the background music because sometimes it seems like it’s louder then the guest that’s speaking. Other than that this podcast show is a hit!

Love the info King

I love the podcast since episode one!!! However let’s kill the background music it’s distracting.

Andre Norman

This is the Best Inside the Vault episode for me hands down!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


I have stumbled over a GEM! A true inspiration to my life!! Thank you a million!!!!

Ash Cash is AWESOME!!

I absolutely LOVE these podcasts!! They always give so many gems and are really helping our community get closer to the generational wealth we were always supposed to have. Definitely recommend!!

Love it

Every interview is full of information and inspirational

Interview with Darnyelle Harmon

Fabulous interview! Too many quotes to repeat! She is a child of the most high! God is FIRST which is sometimes omitted on social media. I admire her story. I love the “Whomever you feed will follow” and “when we’re presented with FEAR, the NEXT level is present” quotes. I am grateful to I Am Ash Cash for the selection and interview. I admire how Ash allows the guest to speak and not over talk them. Thank you. Missed527

Amazing information and encouragement

I really enjoyed the episode with Mrs2weeksout! Not just encouragement but actual information you can implement to really make a change in your life.

Really amazing 🔥🔥🔥

Listen episode #41 is the most epic episode of all time I’ve listen to many podcasts about other people but never someone interviewing themselves this is the most Genius concept i have ever heard of and it has a lot of gems 💎 truly amazing


Ash is an amazing soul who brings out a great deal of motivation daily for me and others around the globe. Thank you

Top show on Money Mindset

Ash Cash is the biggest Money Mindset coach on the planet 🌎♾♾♾♾♾

Great show🔥🔥

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken

Great !

Love this! Very educational

Love it! You got a new fan!

The energy on this show is infectious! I loved the recent episode from start to finish!

Superb financial pod!

Interesting and educational with high energy!

Motivating Energy!

This podcast has such great energy and the guidance he and his guest give is fire!

Great energy and great information!

The energy Ash Cash brings is amazing! I love hearing the stories, and the overall theme of it all!! Keep inspiring and keep the content coming!

Great show!

I appreciate the energy and information. As an entrepreneur in the film and music biz this podcast was very informative and entertaining

High quality!

Very well done, keep up the great work!


This guy knows his stuff! Great content, keep up the fantastic work!

Astonishing Podcast

Great insight and quite informative. Looking for to seeing your future growth in the podcasting ecosystem.

Fabb Content

I Really loved the content! Amazing Show! Keep it coming!


Love your energy! Recommended you to my son keep up the good work!😊

Lots of info!

I learn a lot listening to this podcast. Ash asks good questions, and the guests provide insight into their success. Highly recommend for personal development!

A gift for your mind and soul!!

Ash Cash has a gift for bringing to light every day Black people who have become millionaires against the odds. Every guest is 🔥

This is It

Yo from the start the guy been on some ish. Ash cash. Exantus ain’t playin no games.