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Inside the Vault is the #1 Financial Literacy podcast for Everyday People who aspire to Become Millionaires. Hosted by Ash Cash, one of the Top Financial Educators in the world, this podcast Empowers our listeners (Insider’s) with the Mindset, Motivation, and Money Moves to Manifest Millions!


Inside The Vault brings inspiring money strategies and stories straight from today’s top business minds, authors and influencers. Learn the basics of how they built their wealth from scratch and how you can follow their blueprint to do the same. Inside The Vault answers questions about money, careers, and entrepreneurship. Advice and insights always delivered through the lens of the everyday person. 

About the Host

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Ash Cash

The Financial Motivator

Ash Cash Exantus is one of the world's top financial educators and money mindset coaches. He believes that Abundance is everyone's birthright. Dubbed the Financial Motivator, he uses a culturally responsive approach to teaching wealth, entrepreneurship, self-sufficiency, and financial empowerment. He is also an international speaker and bestselling author of many books.

Ash has established himself as a thought leader and trusted voice with Corporations, Colleges, Places of Worship, and Community based organizations. Ash is best known for helping people maximize their full potential by giving them the inspiration, tools, and resources needed to live their best lives. For more information on Ash please visit his website at www.IamAshCash.com