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Feb. 12, 2021

ITV 2: Learn How Kirk & Rasheeda Built a Multi-Million Dollar Dynasty Using Trust, Friendship & Love

ITV 2: Learn How Kirk & Rasheeda Built a Multi-Million Dollar Dynasty Using Trust, Friendship & Love
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Rasheeda started her music career as a member of the female hip hop trio Da Kaperz, which made a name for itself in Atlanta, Georgia in 1998. In 2000, she launched her solo career with the help of her manager, business partner, and now Husband, best friend, and soul-mate Kirk Frost. 


Just like any other relationship, Kurt and Rasheeda have had their ups and downs but this dynamic duo has created a multi-million dollar dynasty that the world may not even realize exist. This includes PressedATL, Poiz Cosmetics, DLO Entertainment, Frost Bistro, Real Estate Ventures and so much more

For episode #2 of Inside the Vault w/ Ash Cash, we sat down with the dynamic duo who just happen to be a power couple and they let us into their “Vault” to discuss juggling life as business owners, music execs, parents, friends, and soulmates. 

We talked about their beginnings and how they used vision boards to manifest their best life and why ownership is the key to wealth. This convo was raw, honest, and enlightening 


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