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July 9, 2021

ITV #23: How Wallstreet Trapper Changed the Face of the Stock Market

ITV #23: How Wallstreet Trapper Changed the Face of the Stock Market
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To say that entrepreneur, full-time investor and coach, Leon Howard a.k.a. “The Wallstreet Trapper” has learned a valuable lesson in life is an understatement. 


He took what he learned in the trap house and the jail house, mixed it with his street knowledge, then applied it to a different game that’s played on Wallstreet. 


After learning the stock market, Wallstreet Trapper was able to “stop trading time for money” and start giving back to the community he once took from. 


On episode #23 of ITV You’ll get wrapped up in his resilience during this episode but you’ll walk away learning how to withdraw the bad and deposit the good. 


WALLSTREET LOOKS LIKE US NOW® and Trapper is on the forefront of that movement 


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