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Feb. 19, 2021

ITV 3: How Alix Burton Revolutionized The Trucking Industry

ITV 3: How Alix Burton Revolutionized The Trucking Industry
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Alix Burton better known as Alix Goodenergy is a trailblazer in the trucking industry and has helped thousands of people break generational curses by teaching them how to run a successful trucking operation and build wealth without needing to have a lot of experience or capital. 


Along his journey, Alix has been met with many trials and tribulations that would cause any sane person to quit but this freedom fighter decided to keep going and it has paid off big time. 


For episode #3 of Inside the Vault w/ Ash Cash we discuss how a near-death experience helped propel him into a multi-millionaire who is impacting thousands of lives on a daily basis. We even get emotional while discussing his why and he gives us the secret to longevity. 


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